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Consumer Unit Upgrade

Many homes in the UK still have old style fuse boards with outdated fuses which offer very little protection.  Updating your fuse box has many benefits including vast safety improvements and electrical efficiency.


Upgrading to a 17th edition dual RCD consumer unit ensures that each circuit in your home has protection through Mini Circuit Breakers and additional protection via the use of  RCD's (Residual Current Devices) which is now a requirement.


Bevan Electrical Services offer a complete fuse board replacement service  NICEIC registered electricians can install a new board or upgrade your old one all to current 17th edition wiring regulations and British Standards - BS 7671.


All fuse boards we replace are in line with 17th edition wiring regulations.


Please be aware that if a fuse board is to be replaced, due to the requirements for electrical installations (BS 7671) and for issuing Part P certification the following areas of your electrical installation must also meet regulations for work to be carried out:

  • Meter Tails

  • Main earthing conductor

  • Main protective bonding to incoming gas and water supply

If these items do not meet regulations, additional work may be required.

Not sure if your consumer unit meets the necessary requirements? Need some advice? Contact us now for further information and a competitive quotation.

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